There’s a face that we wear
In the cold light of day -
It’s society’s mask,
It’s society’s way.
And the truth is
That it’s all a facade.

Returning to the intimate venue where he directed his first musical theatre production, Scott will design and direct an all-new production of this gothic musical drama/horror/thriller, entirely reimagined for a 21st century audience.

Based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic thriller, “Jekyll and Hyde” is the gripping tale of a brilliant mind gone horrifically awry, set to a powerful pop-rock score.

Convinced the cure for his father's mental illness lies in the binary separation of “good” from “evil” within the human personality, talented physician Dr. Henry Jekyll inadvertently manifests an alternate personality, wreaking havoc in the streets of an alternate late 19th century London as the savage, maniacal Mr. Edward Hyde.

As his fiancée Emma grows increasingly fearful for her betrothed, a prostitute, Lucy, finds herself dangerously involved with both the doctor and his alter ego. Struggling to control “Mr. Hyde” before it takes over for good, Dr. Jekyll must race to find a cure for the projected fantasy he has created in his own mind.

This innovative production will be presented on stage for the first time ever within the wider Manawatu/Tararua region by Pahiatua Repertory from 16 November to 2 December 2017 at the Regent Theatre, Pahiatua.

Further information about this production can be found on the Facebook Page.